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Picking the Perfect Family Cell Phone Plan

In today’s day and age, almost everyone, be it an adult, teenager, or even a child, has a phone in their hand. That means every member of your family has a cellphone to their name. Given this, having all your household’s lines in one single account and bill makes sense. But when people have different requirements of their cell phone plan, you need to find a family plan that ticks everybody’s boxes, WITHOUT burning a hole in your pocket.

Here are a few things you need to look at to find the perfect family plan:

Carriers that Offer the Best Coverage

Coverage is a priority when it comes to picking the perfect family plan. You should make sure all the locations, like the school or office, that your family spends the most time at, have good coverage. 

Unlimited Plans Over Limited Plans

Most cell phone carriers offer unlimited plans with a lot more perks, for the same price as limited plans!

Data Quality and Speed

You’ll also want to find a plan that has a low data deprioritization threshold. Data deprioritization refers to the carrier temporarily reducing your data speed once you’ve crossed a certain data limit for the month. More expensive unlimited plans generally have higher data deprioritization thresholds.

Entertainment Extras

Many carriers have started providing extra entertainment perks with their plans. HBO, Hulu, and Netflix are some of the entertainment platforms you get access to with certain major unlimited plans.

International Calling

If you have family or friends living outside of the U.S., you’ll want to get a plan that either includes international calling or has an option to add-on a “pay-as-you-go” feature for the country you’re going to be calling. Make sure you check out the countries included in the carrier’s international calling plan to see if the destination you want to reach is included. If not, you can always request to have it added on.