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SUVs vs. Sedans: The Ultimate Comparison Guide

SUVs and sedans are popular choices in the U.S. car market. It’s likely you already like one of these options more than the other, but you’ll also need to consider your actual lifestyle needs and budget, thus making your buying decision a little more complicated. That’s why we’ve got a comparison guide to help you choose between an SUV and a sedan. 

Pros of Getting an SUV

Space: The most obvious benefit of an SUV is the extra space it offers. Even smaller SUVs typically offer more space than certain sedans. So, whether you need to carry a lot of passengers or pack in extra cargo, an SUV will not disappoint you. 

Visibility: Many people prefer SUVs due to the increased visibility they offer. The elevated driving position means you get a much better view of the vehicles around you and the road ahead and beside you. 

Off-roading and towing capability: If you spend more time off-roading than driving within the city, an SUV is a good option. The mid-size and full-sized variants also have an excellent towing capacity, so you can tow heavy loads as well. 

Pros of Getting a Sedan

Safety: Many new safety features are first tested out in sedans, which means sedans get these features before SUVs. Also, because they have a smaller size, they are easier to maneuver as well, thus helping you avoid accidents. Sedans also have a closed trunk, so you can safely store your valuables in the trunk space. 

Fuel economy: If you’re someone who drives long distances on a daily basis, it’s safe to assume you are thinking about fuel economy. A sedan reigns supreme here since it offers much better fuel efficiency than an SUV. 

Budget: You’ll find that sedans are typically more affordable than SUVs. Even if you have the money to spend, putting the same amount of money into a sedan will get you a car with a higher trim. 

Which Should You Choose?

Ultimately, the car you choose should be suited to the type of driving you do most often and your budget. Use the above-mentioned factors to decide whether a sedan or an SUV will make a better buy for you.