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Your Guide to Finding the Perfect Internet Plan

With the internet being such a crucial aspect of our lives, finding the right internet plan is vital. Instead of constantly asking yourself if your internet service provider is charging you too much or if you need to upgrade to a faster speed, we tell you what factors you need to check to pick the perfect plan for all your needs. Read on!

Data Speed

Rather than focusing on the speed the provider offers on paper, you need to check the download speed and upload speed. Another factor is whether the service is offered over cable or over DSL/fiber because cable speeds vary depending on the time of day.

Data Caps

Is there a monthly “cap” on how much data you can download? If yes, your service provider can reduce your internet speed after you have utilized a certain amount of data.

Hidden Costs

Some companies levy hidden costs to your plans like for renting a modem or a router. They don’t necessarily include this in their upfront price, so make sure you ask about these fees before signing anything.

Bundling Options

If you are an existing customer and have signed up for home phone services, cable, or satellite services from the company, you may have the option of bundling those along with your internet service and getting a better rate!

Customer Service

Even though we as consumers don’t prioritize customer service as a factor, it is very crucial. Make sure you try to find survey-based feedback on customer service when comparing companies to see if existing customers have had a good experience.

Go Local

Every community is built differently, with different types of cables in the ground and different infrastructure. There is (almost) always a list of local service providers who are specific to your area and community and know the surroundings well. You can always reach out to them for special plans and offers. More often than not, the plans and offers your local provider may have for you will be better than that of other service providers. 

Hopefully, this short checklist will help you weed through the many plans out there and find a service provider and plan that suits you the best!