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5G Phones – Are They a Good Buy?

After having been “around the corner” for years, the market is suddenly flooded with 5G phones. Most of the major U.S. network carriers now offer 5G coverage, although the quality of the service varies from carrier to carrier. 

But the question still remains, is it time to make the switch?

Why You Should Get a 5 G Phone

No longer something of the future, 5G is already making waves. Here are some developments that make 5G more attractive to mobile customers.

  • It is faster than LTE: The hype that 5G has created is the biggest reason for someone to get a 5G phone this year – it is new and it is better. 5G networks have proven to deliver faster speeds and lower latency than their 4G counterparts.
  • The coverage is spreading widely: 5G coverage is more readily available and easier to find these days than it was in previous years.
  • There is a wide variety of 5G phones available: Compared to the last few years when there were only a handful of 5G smartphones, it’s quite a different story now. We’ve seen the big players launch armies of 5G cell phones, making them easily available to us.
  • There is no extra for better service: The charges for 5G service plans were a big mystery up until last year. But since then, a lot of carriers have spoken up, quoting that 5g coverage should not cost you any more than what you pay for your current cell phone service.

Why You Should Wait for A Few Months Before Getting a 5 G Phone

The 5G network may be way ahead of where it was last year, that doesn’t necessarily mean it’s ready for mass usage. Here are some reasons why you might want to hold off on getting a 5G phone.

Cheaper 5G phones are on their way: As of now the 5G phones in the market are priced quite high, but less expensive 5G phones are on the way, and you won’t have to wait long for them.

The speed isn’t consistent: While 5G networks outperform LTE in most cases, the speed boost at this point isn’t quite there yet. All that’s going to change over time, of course, but if you expect fast 5G speeds without any interruptions, you might want to wait for an improvement in network speeds.

Now that you’re armed with solid arguments for both sides, the decision is entirely up to you! Is 5G a worthwhile investment right now?